The Mission of the Cape Romain Bird Observatory:
To promote bird conservation and healthy ecosystems through scientific study, volunteer efforts, ecotourism promotion and education & outreach programs. To promote interest in birding, thereby stimulating interest in conservation.

The Southeast Atlantic Coast is undergoing explosive growth and development. The next 10-20 years are a crucial period for many of our native bird species and the ecosystems they inhabit. Since bird populations are outstanding indicators of the health of their ecosystems (the proverbial "Canary in a coal mine"), studying birds can alert us to problems and point the way to preserving our natural heritage. Prior to CRBO being established in coastal South Carolina, there were no bird observatories south of Virginia's Eastern Shore on the East Coast of the United States.

There is an urgent need for increased research on several birds of concern, as well as volunteer efforts to assist them. There is also an urgent need to identify critical breeding, wintering and migration habitat in order to save it from (over)development. In the absence of hard scientific data, the warnings and cries of alarm from the conservation community are much less effective against the short-range economic outlook that so influences politics and public policy.

South Carolina Birders' Listing Totals -  SC Life List, Big Day, and Big Year Rankings.

  South Carolina Birding Fare -  a handy clickable map of good restaurants near South Carolina birding spots.

Upcoming Events:   Fall bird walks at Santee National Wildlife Refuge. September 16, September 30, October 14, and November 4. Meet at the refuge visitor center at 7:30am.

A few of our past events:   Long-billed Curlew + Marsh Sparrow boat trip - November 18, 2012.

Fall migration bird walks at Santee National Wildlife Refuge - September 29, October 13 + 20, November 17 2012.

Santee NWR Bird Walk - December 3, 2011..

Boat Trip to see the Cape Romain Long-billed Curlews - November 7 and December 5, 2010

Pelagic birding trip out of Charleston, SC. May 30, 2009

Field Trip to observe SC's largest remaining group of Wayne's Black-throated Green Warblers. May 2, 2009

Weekly bird walks at Legare Farms on Johns Island, SC. October-November 2007

2007 CRBO Shorebird Identification Workshop

CRBO Bird Banding Blog

Projects of note:   Long-term shorebird surveys at the Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center

South Carolina Marked Shorebird Resighting Project

Annual SC Midwinter Piping Plover Census     2007 census results   2008 census results

Rusty Blackbird project page  

CRBO's Barn Owl nest box program:    Donated Barn Owl nest boxes for farmers and landowners (with suitable habitat)  

Information about sought-after birds of coastal SC:     Specialty Birds of the SC Lowcountry  

Web page on birding the Charleston Harbor area:    Charleston Birding  

Web page on birding the Santee Delta:    Santee Delta Birding  

About us:     Contact us     What we do     Who we are

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